The internet is going crazy for the wedding twerking bride. A Florida bride named Rochelle is now becoming a public spectacle because she wore revealing lingerie and twerked at her wedding.

An unforgettable moment on the wedding night as the bride wore a backless dress and thong and gave her husband a lap dance. Not just any lap dance, a proper wedding twerk from bride to groom.

Can’t Imagine Wedding Bride Twerking In Front Of The Guests

The viral video uploaded a sexy twerking featuring a Florida bride named Rochelle. Now he is an overnight celebrity on various social media because of what he did at his wedding.

She was not shy when she crawled in front of her husband. And his actions became the spectacle of all his friends and family. She also chose to wear her revealing dress.

Rochelle’s video became a lot of public discussion because she danced obscenely for her husband in front of all the guests.

The video that has become public consumption shows the figure of the bride wearing a shiny backless dress with a sensual dance for her husband. They showed their actions without hesitation as if no one else was watching.

Rochelle and her husband seemed to enjoy dancing on the dance floor. They don’t even care that many guests at the wedding reception capture their moments.

Rochelle’s wedding gown with a shimmering chain thong and backless dress exposed the bride’s body. And her action when crawling toward her husband with an open back was able to hypnotize all the guests.

Rachel’s husband seemed to enjoy his wife’s desirable behavior in front of the guests. He feels he is the luckiest man in the world.

All invited guests, from children to adults, did not want to miss the opportunity to capture this moment. They took their phone to record it and uploaded it to their social media, and some of the guests also danced.

The dance that Rochelle and her accompaniment are currently playing is the trending TikTok dance, “Twerkulator.”

Initially, one of the guests uploaded the video through his Instagram story. After that, someone re-shared it via Twitter, and in just two days, it got almost three million views.

Viewers React Viral Bride Twerking Video From Florida Wedding

Various responses on social media for uploading their wedding video are praise but more criticism. They couldn’t believe what the Florida bride and groom did at their wedding reception.

Many of the guests seemed to enjoy the action of the bride and groom. They cheered and clapped around the bride and groom, dancing on the dance floor. Many negative responses to the bride’s movement are crawling and rocking her body in front of many people.

Some social media users refer to the dance as “ghetto,” but many reject the notion and consider it an inappropriate dance for brides. And Some others called the dance “tacky.”

Some of these comments defended the bride’s actions. They say that this Florida bride is free to do any dance at her wedding. For some, this is personal freedom and does not force others to like and follow the bold actions of the bride and groom.

Rochelle refused several media who wanted to interview her regarding their viral video on social media.