An Alaska bride demands entire neighborhood not use outdoor space for her wedding. She organized a two-day wedding ceremony in a public forested area. To ensure the ceremony went successfully, she posted a message on a tree in the area where the wedding was going to take place urging residents not to camp this weekend and to expect loud music.

However, the note rapidly backfired. Many residents voiced their anger at the bride’s requests, while the bride herself addressed the angry locals in a heated Facebook post. The rumor that the Alaska bride demands entire neighborhood not use outdoor space during her wedding is true.

A Redditor uploaded a snapshot of the bride’s note on the Reddit thread r/ weddingshaming.

The note says, “On Friday and Saturday, June 18th and 19th, we will be hosting our wedding ceremony and reception. Please don’t set up a tent here! All of our guests will arrive on the weekend for the celebration. If you still want to camp, we’ll still do the reception around you anyway. Make sure you have a gift and a grilling dish.”

There is a minor note saying, “PS: We will host over 50 guests. The party will involve loud music and it’s going to be a late weekend. You must expect that if you decide to camp here. Thank you for your patience.”

The location is actually a “public place” in their neighborhood where they and their neighbors walk, ride a bike, or camp, according to the Redditor. The Redditor also said that the bride did not have consent, leave contact information, or have the required facilities to carry out the wedding ceremony.

The original photo of the signs was uploaded on Reddit. On the same day, an updated photo showing the community’s direct response to the bride was shared. The response says, “Hey, congratulations on your wedding, but your plan to host a lot of people and play ‘loud music’ for two days is not going to work for the residents of this area.”

The note’s writer was curious about where the bride’s guests would park and how they would use the restroom. The writer also warned that if the wedding ceremony is not rescheduled and there are some issues that arise, they will call officers to tow the guest’s cars.

Another response stated “Good luck,” and “go away”, saying that a teen campout and photoshoot will take place that weekend.  

It’s still unclear whether holding an event in the location is illegal. There are no clear regulations about it according to the poster in a thread. A Redditor concerned about whether residents should report the upcoming wedding to local rangers. In response to this, a local said, “It’s not a park, so there are no rangers. Several agencies have been notified, but nothing can be done until then. They just showed up and start breaking the rules. I’m concerned about wildfires as we’re currently at high risk of fire.”

Three days after the photos were uploaded, the original poster updated Redditors. According to the poster, the unreasonable bride posted the news on Facebook, and the post escalated tensions with locals.

In response to the Reddit post, the bride said in a comment, “I didn’t mean to upset anyone. My sign was addressed to punk kids who are attempting to distract. I can tell the neighborhood that we will not disrupt or leave a mess.” The bride’s identity was kept anonymous.  

The bride then explained that she had invited ten people, all of whom had children under the age of 15. She also stated that she will contact the officials to ensure that the ceremony could legally take place. She apologized once more and left her contact information.