The bride’s worst secret is revealed, Before the groom says “I do.” Video where bride to be cheats with husband’s brother has gone viral. It has nothing to do with any rowdy wedding crashers. In reality, the reverse occurred, and they did not even make it to the feast.

The groom found out the bride had an affair not long before their wedding. Rather than calm her down, he chose to continue with the wedding ceremony. Then he give the bride what she deserved before he said ‘yes.’ As a result, many people have since complained that he violated the young girl’s rights by doing so.

During the wedding ceremony, the audience fell quiet. The couple is originally from China, and the husband-to-be chose to wait until their wedding day. Surprisingly, the man is telling everyone about what his bride-to-be has done in the video.

The video explains the part before the priest declares them husband and wife. Besides that, the footage is so beautiful that the audience cheers.

A few seconds into the film, her prospective husband discovers that the bride-to-be has been having an affair. The worst part is it’s not just because she’s cheating, but who she’s having an affair with. The bride cheats with her future husband’s brother.

The intimate parts of the video will be visible as it starts, the man pushed his bride-to-be and made many guests have to intervene to separate them.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek of what happened at the wedding ceremony.