shed builder

Shop around for builders who offer design flexibility. Choosing a shed builder who offers a wide range of shed designs will give you the freedom to customize your shed according to your needs and preferences.

When building your shed, lay the first wall on the ground with the string. This will help ensure that the structural pieces are centered and straight.


The shed size you want to build should depend on your storage needs and the size of your garden. The climate in your area also plays a role in the type of shed you purchase. Extreme weather conditions stress shed greatly, and the materials’ quality determines how long it will last.

Getting the right shed will make organizing and storing your belongings easy. Sheds can be customized with various interior and exterior options, including moisture-resistant flooring or no floor at all, shelving, painted interior, built-in workbench, storage units, insulated windows, and more.

A small shed can be a cozy reading room or home office, with a pretty daybed and wicker armchairs. The space can even fit a narrow table and task lighting. A larger shed can house a lawn mower, wheelbarrow, bikes, and other large equipment and supplies. Sheds in the 8×10 range are the most versatile size for storage needs and can be adapted for other uses.


The typical shed has a single door on the front, a side wall, and peaked end walls. This style makes the most use of your yard’s footprint and is less likely to obstruct your view or clash with your landscaping.

The roof of your shed is another area where you have options to customize. For example, you may want a metal roof instead of shingles. Or you might prefer the look of a gable dormer.

Other customizable features include the siding, which can be made from vinyl or wooden boards. This choice has a direct impact on the overall look of your shed. Vinyl is similar to the siding on modern houses, while wooden siding costs slightly less and gives your shed a unique look.


As with all sheds, many materials can be used to create the structure. Wood is a popular option that blends in with any backyard décor and provides plenty of customization options for the shed’s interior.

The shed’s floor is typically made from plywood sheets that can be left bare or covered with plank flooring, hardwood, or carpet. It is important to cover the bottom of the shed to prevent moisture from ruining the floor. This can be done by putting down a layer of gravel and then covering it with the plywood.

When building the walls of a shed, it is crucial to start square. An out-of-square frame will haunt you throughout the project and cost you more money. To ensure that your walls are straight, enlist the help of friends or family members. Using string to mark the corners of each 4×4 can also be helpful, as you can easily adjust any accidental movement.


While the national average cost to build a shed is $2,500, costs vary based on size, style, and material. Some extras, like plumbing and electrical wiring, will also add to the total cost. It’s often easier and cheaper to install these elements while building the shed versus after.

The type of flooring you choose will also impact costs. A concrete floor is the most durable and expensive option, while pavers are relatively affordable and easy to lay down.

Another big cost driver is the roof. Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for shed roofs because they’re affordable, easy to install, and come in many styles. Metal roofing is another popular option with longevity and durability, but it’s typically more expensive than shingles.