This is a question that many young parents ask, as they search for a suitable early learning program for their toddler. It can be quite stressful for a new mum to leave her child with a group of strangers, after all, both mum and baby have been inseparable, but this is a milestone in every child’s life, as they begin to socialise and interact with other children of similar ages.

If you are about to start your search for the perfect early learning program for your son or daughter, here are some of the qualities and facilities you would find at a leading childcare centre.


Of course, you would expect to find a childcare centre having good security, with only authorised personnel that have access; parents must show a special pass in order to gain access and should you send a friend to collect your child, this needs to be verified in advance. CCTV cameras would be evident in all areas, allowing staff to view the exterior and interior of the facility.

Learning resources

Ideally, learning resources would be made from natural materials such as wood, with a wide range of blocks and games that develop fine motor skills. The kids should be given periods of time for free play when each child is allowed the freedom to engage with any of the learning resources; this would typically be for 15-20 minutes per time, as young children have a short attention span. If you are looking for childcare in Penrith, look no further than Clovel childcare centre.

Developing creativity and imagination

The first 7 years are known as the formative years and this is the time to develop creativity and imagination. At this preschool child care in Lutherville, MD, for example, storytelling is a daily activity and the children are encouraged to imagine various scenarios as to how the story ends up.

Art is a very powerful medium and all children are encouraged to draw and paint, using their own ideas rather than copying. It is important for young children to experiment with different forms of art, which helps to develop creativity.

Dance and movement

Dance and movement should be a daily activity, as growing kids need to exercise all muscle groups, plus it is a whole lot of fun! The kids learn to sing popular songs that help with vocabulary and this helps to boost self-confidence. Click here for marriage issues that every couple will face.

Qualified early learning teachers

The early learning program would be managed by a qualified head teacher and there would be a balance of experienced teachers are those who are learning their profession. The staff would embrace active learning methodologies and regularly attend workshops, keeping up with the latest trends.

Daily communication with parents

It is critical that the staff communicate with the parents on a daily basis; some centres use a notebook for the teachers to write notes to parents. A short conversation at the end of the day will keep mum up to date with her child’s progress.

Start with an online search to find childcare facilities nearby and book a tour via their website, which should help you to make an informed decision.