There is no shortage of inspiration when picking the perfect flowers for your wedding day. You can browse Instagram and Pinterest or look through bridal magazines for ideas.

But did you know that some flowers have hidden meanings? The Victorian era saw the flower language blossom, with flowers conveying romantic messages. For example, pennyroyal warned of unfaithfulness, and Dill was considered an aphrodisiac.


One of the most common flowers in bridal bouquets Denver CO, carnations have many meanings based on color. White carnations symbolize adoration and pure love, while pink carnations whisper, “I’ll never forget you.” A solid-colored carnation means yes, but a striped one represents rejection, which is why these flowers are best avoided at weddings.

Another popular choice is the lily of the valley, which symbolizes a return of happiness and humility. These little white blossoms look stunning in a delicate and feminine bouquet.

Another common flower is the dahlia, symbolizing commitment and an everlasting bond. They make a beautiful addition to a summer bridal bouquet.


The chrysanthemum is a flower that symbolizes devotion and virtue. This November birth flower comes in various colors, and meanings can vary depending on the color like red chrysanthemums signify love and deep passion. White chrysanthemums represent purity and loyalty. The flower has been used in rituals to honor deceased loved ones, and it is even the inspiration behind a piece of music by Giacomo Puccini, Crisantemi.

Chrysanthemum blooms are also a staple in many Asian cuisines. They are eaten or used as garnishes in food items such as tea (Ju Hua Cha, pinyin: ), gukhwaju, a Korean rice wine infused with chrysanthemum flowers, fresh spring rolls, or steamed vegetables. The flowers are also used as a decorative element in Japanese bonsai trees.

For the green-thumbed bride, daffodils are another floral option. Daffodils symbolize new beginnings and are a favorite for spring weddings. They are also a popular addition to Easter bouquets as they come in various pastel shades.

Lily of the Valley

The delicate flowers of Convallaria majalis are synonymous with purity and humility. They are a traditional Mayflower and popular for weddings, especially in the Victorian era. Their fragrance is delicate and reminiscent of the nightingale’s song, which is why they have been linked to love and luck.

Peonies are another spring favorite that symbolizes love and happiness. They are said to bring good fortune and wealth to a bride. They were a royal choice for Kate Middleton’s big day and are a bridal classic.

Gerbera Daisy

Thanks to their sizable blossoms and vivid colors, Gerbera daisies make a statement in bouquets. Symbolizing hope and happiness, this flower is the perfect pick for your wedding day. It can complement any casual theme and work well with rustic and wildflower arrangements. Gerbera daisies also fit in with more formal weddings, as their bold color contrast and rounded petals give them a sophisticated and polished look.

Like other white flowers, gerbera daisies represent purity and innocence. They are a classic choice for weddings and baptismal occasions and make ideal gifts from parents to their children. They also represent rebirth, new beginnings, and humility, making them the perfect choice for your wedding bouquet. Pink gerbera daisies symbolize admiration and adoration, so you can use this flower to show your love and appreciation for someone special. The various shades of gerbera daisies have different meanings, so you can pick the right one to express your feelings.