Stuck wondering how many ounces in a liter? Converting ounces to liters can be a pain. Many people don’t even know where to begin looking up information while cooking. Remembering the conversion manually can be tough, too. But don’t worry, I have some information that can help you convert ounces to liters.

First of all, remember that these two units are one of the most common and important units of measurement for volume. These two units are commonly used in cooking and also in supermarkets (ingredients labels). So if you know about these two units of measurement, you can easily try new recipes whenever you want.

What is liter?

The liter is one of the most common units of measurement in the world. Whether reading an ingredients label or a cookbook, you will see liters mentioned all over the place. Whenever you are buying beverages, it is important to know how many liters of liquid you are going to consume. For consumers who care about the value they get with their purchases, knowing how many liters you get with your money can help you save up money as well.

1 liter = 1000 ml = 1 US quart

The liter is always written in the abbreviation of L. It can be used for liquid and dry or solid ingredients as well. One liter is equivalent to 1000 mL or One US quart. Remember that one jug of water in the US is equivalent to one liter. So far, the conversion is rather easy to remember, right?

US and UK liters

Here is the great thing about liter, the US and UK liters are exactly the same. So you don’t have to worry about that. In fact, the liter is the only unit of measurement that is exactly the same in the US and the UK. This will get rid of a lot of confusion, I am sure.

But here is the thing, there is a small difference between the US and the UK liters. As mentioned above, one liter of liquid in the US is equal to one gallon of water. But, in the UK, it is a bit difficult to measure. One liter of liquid in the UK is equal to 1.2 gallons.

1 ounce = 0.02957 US liters

1 ounce = 0.02841 imperial liters

How many US fluid ounces in a liter?

Using the US fluid ounce, we know that one liter of liquid is equal to 33.81. The numbers might not be difficult to remember when the measurement is constant. One liter of liquid is the same as 33.81 ounces.

1 liter = 33.81 US fluid ounce

How many imperial fluid ounces in a liter?

Once again, there is a slight difference between the US and the UK fluid ounces. If we are using the imperial fluid ounces, just remember that one liter of liquid is equal to 35.19 UK/imperial fluid ounces.

1 liter = 35.19 UK/imperial fluid ounce

One liter = 33.81 US fluid ounces

1 liter = 35.19 imperial fluid ounces

How many ounces in two liters?

Now, we are talking about ounces and not fluid ounces. Remember that we can’t convert liter to ounce directly. So, what we have to do is convert the liter to mL. Since one liter is equal to 1,000 mL, two liters is equal to 2,000 mL. Then we divide 2,000 mL into either 28.41 for the imperial ounces or 29.57 for the US ounces. The results are 70.39 imperial ounces or 67.63 US ounces.

2 liters = 67.63 US ounces

2 liters = 70.39 imperial ounces

How many 8-ounce glasses are in a liter?

According to the information that I have, there are 6.7628 glasses in one liter. This is not the accurate measurement of the 8-ounce glass and converts it to liter. If we are talking about a specific 8-ounce glass, then the measurement is 4 8-ounce glasses are equal to one liter.

1 liter = 4 8-ounce glasses

Liters to ounces conversion table

Here are the two tables that can make your day so much easier. The information below might be easier than pounds and cups. The tables are divided into US liters and UK liters. Click the link if you want to know how many cups in a pound.

US liters,              US fluid ounces

1                              33.81

2                              67.62

3                              101.44

4                              135.26

5                              169.07

6                              202.88

7                              236.70

8                              270.51

9                              304.33

10                           338.14

UK/Imperial Liters            UK/Imperial Fluid Ounces

1                                              35.19

2                                              70.38

3                                              105.57

4                                              140.76

5                                              175.95

6                                              211.14

7                                              246.33

8                                              281.52

9                                              316.71

10                                           351.9

Conclusion on How Many Ounces in a Liter

Converting ounces to liters can be tricky for sure. But since liter is one of the most common units of measurement, you should at least understand how to gauge how much a liter is. The same thing can be said for ounces. Found this useful? Read our other guides on how many tablespoons in an ounce and how many cups in a pound.