Zach Bryan's Rose Madden

Many people are curious about Zach Bryan’s Wife(Rose Madden?). One question often arises: “Who is Zach Bryan’s wife? Is he even married?”. We will explore the topic and provide all the information we can find about Zach Bryan’s marital status.

Some people speculate that he is not married yet, but he might have been in a marriage before. This article answers the burning question: “Who is Zach Bryan’s wife?”

Who is Zach Bryan’s Wife? Is He Even Married?

Zach Bryan, singer, was indeed married to Rose Madden. The two met in the Navy while they were active. However, no specific reasons were given for their divorce. That said, there were rumors about Madden that she left Zach because he cheated on her while working in Italy.

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Rose Madden didn’t want to speak about it because she didn’t want Zach’s fans to attack her. She believed his fans would support him no matter what; it’d be like opening the floodgate of hate.

Another rumor also said Zach’s sudden rise to fame made Rose uncomfortable with him, resulting in different opinions, so they decided it was time to divorce.

How The Two Met

Zach Bryan’s Wife

Rose Madden and Zach Bryan were active in the Navy, and that’s how they met. Moraine Lake was their wedding location in Banff National Park, Canada. But the pandemic in 2020 and travel restrictions got in the way, so they had to postpone their plans.

They were looking for a wedding spot that has a similar view within the US and found something that they thought was the best option. They first looked into Glazier National Park in Montana, but then again, the travel restrictions got in the way again.

Rose then told Zach that she chose Brady Bates Photography to organize the engagement session, which would help them plan the necessary arrangements before the wedding.

As mentioned above, Zach’s fame could have been the deciding factor before their divorce. Rose appeared in some of his videos and even sang some songs together. So it’s not surprising that some people knew Rose Madden before she disappeared from the public eye.

Until today, we believe Rose Madden is not on any social media platform, unlike Zach. Zach also deleted all of Rose Madden’s pictures from his Instagram page. If you want to dig deeper, you can still find pictures of Zach and Rose together in the photographer’s portfolio.

Deb Peifer

Right now, Zach is dating a woman named Deb Peifer. The two have been dating for a while and look happy together.

Who is Deb Peifer?

Their time together wasn’t always happy, however. There was a terrifying moment of them together, as told by Zach, and he said it was one of the most beautiful and terrifying moments he had experienced together.

Zach’s Worst Moment with His Girlfriend

A few weeks after he released his album American Heartbreak, he was seen riding a motorcycle with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he lost control of the motorcycle and ended up crashing. He injured the left side of his head badly and suffered a road rash on the right hand. Luckily, Deb Peifer only got away with minor injuries.

Zach said that the accident brought a new reality for him. After that, the couple went to a nearby creek to hang out.

Several hours before the accident, Zach performed in Indianapolis in front of more than 6,000 people at the White River State Park TCU Amphitheater. He said that day was his life’s most beautiful and terrifying moment.

Zach said he was in much pain after the accident, making him wiser and aware of new responsibilities. He confessed that he rode his motorcycle at 130 miles per hour. He learned his lesson and bought a new scooter that could go around 10 miles per hour.

Zach Bryan’s career

Zach Bryan released an album in May 2022 titled American Heartbreak, which contains 34 songs about country folks. This album was also his major debut, reaching number five on the Billboard album chart.

This was truly an amazing achievement for someone who became known in less than a year. And let’s not forget that Zach used to serve in the Navy.