There is absolutely no doubt that first impressions are incredibly important in many different situations and in many different settings. Making the right first impression is incredibly important in the business world and if you can make a good impression every single time that you meet someone then it can only have a positive effect on your career going forward.

It is speculated that if you go to a job interview, that everyone there will make their mind up about you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you. This doesn’t give you a great deal of time to let people know the real person and so this is why it is so important that we all understand the value of making the right first impression every single time.

People always say in Australia that you need to dress to impress and so with that in mind and wanting to create the best first impression, you really do need to speak to bespoke tailors in Sydney who can create the perfect business suit for every occasion. The following are just some of the reasons why the first impression is the most important thing.

  • It leaves a lasting impression – It is somewhat unfair but many Australians make assumptions about you based on their first impression and this can completely change how they view you and how they treat you in the future. No matter what they think, it is equally difficult to change their minds and it will take some time to do so. This is why you always need to make sure that you wear the right clothing so that you stand out from the rest and you give off an air of professionalism.
  • Positivity leads to more positivity – If you make the right first impression at the very beginning then people will take this positive thought and tell others about it. If you are well dressed at an interview or at a first business meeting then making yourself more presentable provides them with a positive impression of you. People often assume that those wearing the suit can be incredibly hard-working, dedicated to their jobs and incredibly diligent.
  • They will definitely remember you – It is so competitive in the job market and in trying to secure new clients and so anything that you can do to help someone remember you is something that you should be spending time on. If you make a good impression on someone at the very beginning then you will stand out from the rest and hopefully, that will get you additional appointments to get them to sign on the dotted line or to give you the job that you are interviewing for.


If you take the time to make the right first impression on every single occasion then this will help you when you are networking in your particular business arena. People want to get to know you professionally and personally and this is why the right first impression is so important. Business meetings can be incredibly brief so try to put your best foot forward every single time.