Dealing with a loss of a loved one is always difficult. There are many emotional stages that you will go through, and it will take time to come to terms with the reality of their passing. However, you can still ensure that they are part of your life even though you cannot see them in person anymore.

Fill your life with happiness and continue your journey in their honor. When you feel sad, turn to things that remind you of them. Here are tips on how you can honor a memory of a loved one in your home.

Decorate Your Backyard With A Memory Bench

Decorating a part of your backyard with a memory bench can be a lovely reminder of your loved one. Perhaps they liked spending time outside, and you will feel closer to them again. On websites like, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of options.

The memory bench can carry a quote and information about your beloved. However, if you want more freedom, you can come up with custom engraving. Then, you can bring their memory back to life every day. Do not avoid thinking about them, and remember your happiest memories.

Surround Your Home With Their Favorite Plants And Flowers

Suppose your loved one adored nature. If there were plants, trees, or flowers they were particularly fond of, you could surround your home with them. To create a more permanent memory, plant a tree or their favorite flowers in your garden. You will be able to take care of them every day, and it might make you feel like they are by your side again.

If you do not want to plant anything new in your garden, buy the flowers and put them into beautiful vases. In case they had more flowers and plants they adored, you could always create flower arrangements in their honor.

Fill Your Home With Their Photos

One of the easiest ways to keep a memory of your loved one alive is to fill your home with their photos. If you have their portrait, you can hang it on a wall of a room where you spend the most time relaxing. That way, you will always have them close, and your heart will warm up with all of the happy memories.

You can also put together creative collages made of their photographs. These will remind you of the most exciting moments, and you might be able to learn more about their life and personality.

Remember Their Favorite View

Most people have a place or a view that makes them happy. If your loved one had such a place, you could take a photo of it. Then, you can try to contact some of the professional companies and transfer it onto a piece of wallpaper.

Whether it was a view from their home or a place they once visited on their travels, seeing the view every day will help you to remember that life is good. It will bring you closer to your loved one, and it might make you feel like they never left.

Keep Hold Of Their Beloved Books

Books are a great way to get to know other people better. You can tell a lot about their character based on what they are reading. If you like to read, try getting some of the stories your loved one enjoyed. Then, you can think about why they enjoyed the particular book and what they found so enchanting about it.

On the other hand, if you do not like to read too much, you can give the books a different purpose. For instance, you can use a stack of books with nice covers as a small coffee table.

Try Out Their Hobby

Another way to honor a memory of a loved one could be by trying out their hobby. Whether they enjoyed painting, drawing, gardening, or cooking, you should take the opportunity to learn something new. It might help you on your journey of dealing with grief, and it will make you feel closer to the person you love.

If they enjoyed cooking, you might want to try to find out if they had their own handwritten cookbook of recipes they collected throughout the years. Then, you will be able to recreate some of the family’s favorite dishes.

Flood Your Home With A Scent That Reminds You Of Them

To make your home feel more welcoming, it should not only look nice. The scent of your home can be another important factor that influences how you and your guests feel in your home. When you lose someone close, it can be difficult to deal with the reality of the incident.

Filling your home with a scent that reminds you of them might help you to calm down and find peace again. Perhaps they had a favorite perfume. Or their home smelled like apples or fresh flowers. To achieve the scent, try lighting up some scented candles or boiling some ingredients on the stove.

Play Their Favorite Music

You can easily honor a memory of your loved one through music as well. On some days, you will miss your loved one more than on others. In that case, you should try listening to their favorite tunes. Maybe they had music connected to different activities.

Perhaps they listened to one genre when reading a book, another when they were cooking, and they had completely different preferences when cleaning. Doing chores will help you take your mind off your grief for a little while, and the music will help you feel calmer again.

Put A Piece Of Their Handwriting Into A Frame

Suppose you have a piece of the handwriting of a loved one who passed away. In that case, you can put it into a frame and make it a lovely part of your home décor. It does not matter what the text says. It can be a poem, letter, or page from their recipe book.

You will be able to see it every day and feel more at peace. You can also display any drawings or paintings they created. And if they loved photography, you could decorate your home with their images. It will allow you to see the world through their eyes.

Ask Your Children To Draw Their Favorite Memories

When a loved friend or family member passes away, it is important to help your children to navigate through the grief and make sure that they remember them. To make the difficult time easier for you and your family, ask your children to draw their favorite memories with the person who passed away.

It will help you to remember the good things and appreciate all the good moments you had together. Then, you can create a gallery wall filled with pictures and drawings that will remind you of them. You will always have them close, and they will keep looking over you and your family.

Save Them A Seat On Special Occasions

Family celebrations and other important occasions can be difficult to attend when you lose a loved one. To honor their memory, save them a seat at the table. That way, they will still be able to join the festivities in a sense. If they used to take a seat at the same spot every time they came for a visit, leave it open during your birthday dinner or a family meetup.

It will allow you to keep their memory alive, and you might be able to feel like their presence is not completely gone. It can also serve as a respectful memorial during a certain period after their passing.

Light A Candle For Them

Lighting a candle for someone who passed away has been a part of the culture for many years now. The simple action will help you to reflect on your moments together and the life they lived. In a sense, by lighting a candle, you will express that their memory still lives and burns bright.

It will also help you to bring a warmer atmosphere into your home. The soft light of a candle will help you to find peace again and comprehend your emotions in a less painful way. Embrace the warm light and ensure that the memory of your loved one lives on.

Take Over Their Favorite Collection

Finally, another easy way to honor a memory of a loved one in your home is to take over their favorite collection. Perhaps they were collecting tea cups or postcards from their travels. They might have had a herbarium full of plants they loved the most.

Or maybe they had a collection of books or their beloved records. If they had anything like that, you could try to make it a part of your home. If you will not be able to use the collection, display it in your home and make it a part of the overall design. However, you can also continue to grow their collection and honor their memory by keeping their traditions alive.