There is no greater joy than getting time to spend with your family. You get gifted with the joyous laughter of your children, the adoring gaze of your partner, and a quality family bonding experience that makes for a beautiful memory.

But sometimes you cannot give your family the attention they deserve and find yourself occupied with other tasks. These can be pulling overtime at work or choosing to go out with friends rather than staying home.

However, sometimes the cause of your neglect stems from your bad habits and neglectful attitude. One is choosing to indulge in substances and develop a deep dependency on them, effectively stealing you from your family. No matter your reason, you must find your way back to your loved ones and rekindle your love and appreciation for them.

If you’re struggling to find that delicate balance needed for healthy family life, this article is here to help. Read on to find out more:

1. Acknowledge when you need help

Developing a dependency issue is a cause for serious concern. What may start as a mild stress reliever can become the cause of your troubles after a few uses. Addiction is a slippery slope. It changes you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Your family may start fearing being around you because of your volatile moods and unpredictable anger.

Likewise, you may neglect your partner and your children by spending your free time indulging in substances instead of spending it with your family. If you have been cultivating this habit for a long time, you need to nip it in the bud.

Reaching out for help and looking into residential treatment is a good start to getting your family life back on track. Treatment options include getting medically assisted detox, participating in activities like equestrian therapy, and allowing yourself the space to develop a healthy routine.

You can also have your family in your recovery journey by being transparent about your dependency problem and actively working on your condition.

2. Learn to have fun

When you’re enjoying yourself, your body releases endorphins and serotonin. This is not only good for your body. It puts you in an excellent mood, gives you an optimistic outlook on your life, and encourages your family to feel happy in each other’s company.

There are multiple ways you can have fun. You can arrange for a movie night at home or participate in activities like coloring, BBQing, and swimming together.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to go out, eat at a restaurant, go on a holiday or stop by the amusement park. The shared experience leaves you excited, fills you with love, and makes for a beautiful memory. It is also a chance for you to let loose and relax without worrying about everyday stressors.

3. Be an active parent

Part of healthy family life is also picking up the slack as a parent. You cannot leave your partner to deal with your children’s emotional, physical and mental needs alone. This will build resentment between you and make them hate you for not being there enough.

It’s not your partner’s job to keep the house organized while attending to your growing kids while you only take on the fun, laid-back parent role.

Therefore, establish clear communication with your partner and outline your shared responsibility in parenting and maintaining the house. In case of a conflict, don’t turn easy-to-resolve arguments into screaming matches and never undermine their position as a parent.

If your child is having a rough day and is projecting anger, lean on gentle parenting methods that help them communicate and give them the space to express themselves without feeling judged.

You must have a list of chores so that your significant other doesn’t end up doing most of the work while you help now and then. Try and do more such as tucking the kids into bed, getting them up for school, and feeding them on time, especially when your partner is recovering from burnout. You should never use these situations against your partner and remember it is your job as much as your significant other to raise your kids.

4. Have meal plans

Planning a family meal can be a daunting task. When unsure what to serve, you may end up ordering fast food since it is the safest and most straightforward option. But too many burgers and fries are unsuitable for you and your children.

This can lead to early obesity, clogged arteries, stunted growth, and diabetes. Having the proper nutrition is a pivotal part of your health. If you skip out on getting the right minerals and vitamins, it will take a toll on your well-being. So plan family meals more often.

The meals you plan don’t have to be elaborate, but enough to cover the necessary food groups. There are enough recipes online that you can cook with your family and enjoy a delicious meal. For instance, you can help your partner bake a family-sized chicken and make sides like peas and mashed potatoes to have a sophisticated dinner served on fine china.

Another way of indulging in food is keeping a make-your-pizza night and substituting the flour-based crust for a cauliflower one. This will expand your child’s palette and expose them to different textures and tastes.

At the same time, if you have a teenager in the house and they want to cook for the family, let them do so. You should be highly encouraging and have an open mind towards the menu without letting your child feel ashamed for wanting to participate.


Your family needs your love and attention to thrive. The last thing you would want is to have an estranged relationship with your loved ones solely because you didn’t put in the necessary effort it takes or get rid of habits like your dependency problem.

Family bonds are fragile; it shatters if you don’t repair them on time. Therefore, make an effort to get the necessary help and embrace wellness.

When you’re with your loved ones, look for activities to do that can bring you closer to them. Never ignore your parent’s responsibility and leave your partner to handle all the hard work alone. Another great way to care for your family’s health and ensure everyone is growing in a suitable environment is by working on meal prep.

A good diet is vital for a healthy functioning body, but showing leniency and ignoring the proper nutrition becomes an invitation to various diseases putting your loved ones in a dangerous position. These tips can help you live a healthier family life.