Planning a wedding is a fun, yet sometimes stressful, experience. There’s lots to think about, from the guest list and menu choices to the outfits and honeymoon. But one of the most important steps in the wedding planning process is choosing your venue. It’s the place where all your memories will be made, the backdrop to all of your photos that you’ll treasure forever, and it truly sets the scene for your whole day.

With this in mind, here are a few tips for choosing a wedding venue to perfectly compliment your theme…

1. Consider the venue style

There are lots of different types of venues: stately homes, manor houses, castles, coastal venues, just to name a few. Your theme is likely to fit a certain style of venue, so before you even start booking those wedding tours, carefully consider what will suit your wedding. If you’re going for a traditional, elegant theme, a period property like a Georgian manor house would be the perfect match, but if you’re going for something more rustic, an outdoor venue with picturesque views and vast landscapes would be a better choice.

2. Location is key

Once you’ve decided on a venue style, you’ll want to decide on the ideal location. Of course, if you want a beach wedding, you’ll want to head somewhere on the coast, but if you want somewhere that’s accessible and easy for all your guests to get to, travel links should come in to the decision making. If most of your guests are coming from London, why not look at the surrounding counties for the perfect balance of accessible and picturesque?

3. Stick to your budget

In an ideal world, money wouldn’t be an issue and every soon to be married couple could indulge in the luxuries of the wedding world. But unfortunately that isn’t the case, and setting a budget will save you a lot of stress in the long run. Once you’ve decided on the amount you’re happy to spend on your wedding venue, adapt your search. Places like London are notoriously more expensive when it comes to saying ‘I Do’, but if you travel just outside of the capital, somewhere like Kent is home to beautiful wedding venues for a much more reasonable price.

4. Think about the season

You’ve most likely got your heart set on a particular season considering your theme will be tailored to one of them. You might not have thought about it, but the wedding venue you choose can suit one season more than another. Think winter weddings in castles and boho-style soirees in an outdoor, woodland venue. Make sure your theme fits with the style of venue you love, and don’t be afraid to change your mind. Seeing a venue and falling in love with it might just sway you from your original theme…

5. Ask about food options

Food falls heavily into planning your wedding, especially if you’ve chosen a specific theme. Make sure to ask about the different food choices and menu options available at each venue. If you want a festival style wedding, you’ll want to ask about more casual dining options like food carts and buffets, or if you have a specific cuisine in mind, it’s important to check if they can fulfill your wishes.