As the big day approaches, brides-to-be have a lot to think about as they prepare for the big day. After planning the wedding and selecting the dress, it is time to consider bridal beauty treatments. Many brides wait until the last minute to schedule these, which can result in them being unable to get the beauty treatments they need.

There are some beauty treatments that require time to heal as opposed to nail and hair treatments. Plan your pre-wedding beauty treatments as soon as possible to enjoy a complete transformation before the big day. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most luxurious beauty boosters for brides.

Lip Fillers

Your wedding day will be filled with photo opportunities, and every bride wants to look their best. If you struggle with thin lips, getting a filler treatment might help you look and feel more luscious and glowing in your wedding pictures.

A lip fill is a non-invasive procedure that can be done in a surgical dermatology office or with a plastic surgeon. It is common for the area to be swollen and sensitive after the process is complete. Brides that want a fuller lip look should give themselves time to heal and schedule their appointment a few weeks before the wedding.  Sometimes, a recovery period may be required following a specific cosmetic procedure. Make sure you work with the best lip filler providers and dermatologists to ensure a smooth recovery.

Chemical Peel

You can choose a few different Chemical peel treatments to improve your skin’s appearance. They effectively reduce uneven skin tone, sun damage, blocked pores, poor texture, and damaged skin. You will notice smoother, fresher, and more glowing skin after a Chemical peel. A Chemical peel is a great way for brides to get an authentic glow on their wedding day.


Using microblading, you can achieve fuller and thicker eyebrows without putting on much makeup. Tiny, thin incisions at the brow are made during this procedure and are designed to mimic a fuller-looking brow. A fuller-looking brow will help to frame your face and compliment your eye makeup on your big day.

Full Body Wax

It can be a great idea to get a pre-wedding wax to keep your body hair under control. With this method, you no longer have to shave on the day and have one less thing to worry about. You can get your legs, bikini, underarms, and face waxed at the same time to ensure that you look your best during your wedding festivities.


The purpose of dermaplaning is to remove dead skin cells and fine hairs from the face. There is no better pre-wedding beauty treatment than dermaplaning because it makes the skin feel smoother and softer before the big day. Dermaplaning will help your skin to stay hydrated, allow makeup to blend smoothly, and leave you with a flawless-looking bridal finish.

Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. While the planning often focuses on the event itself, brides must prioritize their self-care and invest in some of these luxurious bridal beauty boosters before their wedding day.