Can You Use Too Much Cannabis

Before cannabis was made available to everyone, it was presumed to have an extensive list of side effects. Years of scientific study, however, began to prove otherwise.

There are side effects for some users, but they are not as serious as many were led to believe. If cannabis is used correctly and according to the directions, side effects will be kept to a minimum and the user will be able to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Few Side Effects

Cannabis has very few known side effects. Using too much, however, can exaggerate or reverse some of the effects it is most well-known for. In most cases, drowsiness and paranoia have been reported in the past when the user consumed a much larger dose than was directed.

For the most part, any side effects are minimal and last for a very short period of time when compared to the side effects of harsher prescription medication.

To be clear, the editor believes that aside death, Hyperremesis syndrome is maybe the highest profile effect associated with cannabis use. That’s effectively vomiting from high intake in short periods of time, most typically from edibles and concentrated oils.

Relaxed or “High” Feeling

Marijuana is known for causing a relaxed, floating feeling, or “high”. Because cannabis doesn’t have high levels of THC, it normally will not cause this intense sensation. Use an excessive amount, on the other hand, and you will experience a milder version of being “high”. This sensation won’t last long but will give you a slight sense of euphoria that some users may be uncomfortable with.

Increased Anxiety

Studies have shown that too much THC can result in a heightened state of anxiety or paranoia. While it would take a much larger than normal amount of cannabis to produce the same result, it is possible. This side effect will only last a short period of time and may disappear completely as the user becomes more proficient at using cannabis as part of their treatment program.

Distorted Perception

Cannabis can also cause a distorted sense of perception if too much is consumed. This is not a common occurrence and massive amounts would need to be consumed to create this effect.

side effect where perception is altered may be the result of an interaction with another prescribed medication. If this occurs, make sure to report it to your doctor or nurse practitioner. The dosage may need to be adjusted until the cause of the feelings can be determined.

Use As Directed

Just like any other form of medication, you must follow the directions. Every person is different and the treatment plan they receive is formulated specifically for them.

This will reduce the risk of any unknown side effects and allow the patient to receive the full benefit of what cannabis has to offer without any fear of unwanted side effects. If you have any questions on how to properly use cannabis, talk to the staff at your local dispensary.

Dispensaries like Mountain Annie’s Cannabis Dispensary provide customers with all the information and guidance they need to use cannabis wisely. The staff will be able to answer any questions you may have so you feel completely comfortable using their products.