Key Reasons to Add an Outdoor Garage to Your Property

A garage adds convenience, protects vehicles and equipment from the elements, and can increase your home’s value. It also makes a great space for a workshop or other hobby area.

It’s important to check your local zoning laws, including how close you can build to your property line and specific garage rules.

Increased Home Value

Adding outdoor garages to your property adds value because they provide protected parking spaces, storage, and sometimes even living space. Potential home buyers looking for properties with garages in the neighborhood are more likely to consider your house a strong contender when they’re ready to buy.

Many homeowners convert their garage into additional living space such as an office, workshop, rec room, or guest suite. It’s important to note, however, that according to Atlanta realtor Erika Lewis, removing an existing garage completely to make way for living space usually reduces your home’s overall value at the time of sale.

Adding an attached garage is a better choice because it’s less expensive and easier to transform into a living space if you decide to sell.

Additional Storage Space

The garage is the perfect place to store your vehicle and equipment, lawn furniture, holiday decorations, and tools. This can help declutter the yard and reduce the cost of paying storage fees.

Besides the obvious benefit of protecting your vehicle from the weather, a garage can also be used as a workshop, bedroom, rec room, or home office. Many homeowners are turning their garages into living spaces instead of just a place to park their cars.

Detached garages are popular because they only take up a little space on the front of the house and can be built almost anywhere on your property, depending on local zoning laws. They can even be placed in the back of the property, away from the home, if desired.


A garage adds much-needed storage space for your tools, sports equipment, and lawn furniture. It can also help extend the useful life of these items by keeping them out of the elements when not in use. Storing these items in the house, such as a basement or an entryway, is inconvenient. With a garage, they are easily accessible and can be used without needing to leave the car.

Additionally, garages can be a perfect place to work from home or for those who enjoy working on projects. This can be done without disturbing other family members or causing noise restrictions in the home. These structures are built to withstand heavy winds and snow, so you don’t have to worry about the garage being damaged or destroyed by bad weather.


A garage can also provide a visually appealing touch to the property. For example, incorporating shiplap detailing in the garage doors adds a stylish touch, perfectly harmonizing with kitchens featuring similar color palettes.

Other visual enhancements to the garage can include lighting options. Ceiling-mounted lights are non-obstructive and can be installed in various styles and finishes. Floodlights can be used to light up the entire garage building and can also work well as a security measure.

Other popular choices for lighting the garage can be path lights, which illuminate driveways or garden paths leading to the garage. They also work well to help prevent the build-up of snow and ice. 


An outdoor garage provides a secure location for vehicles, lawn equipment, and boxes of unused holiday decorations. It also limits the risk of theft and vandalism from opportunistic criminals.

Left-parked cars on the street can impede traffic flow and cause safety hazards for pedestrians. A quality garage shields cars from harsh weather, sun damage, ice, and snow.

Detached garages are versatile and can be turned into a workshop, art studio, home gym, band practice area, or guest house. A custom-designed structure will enhance your home’s appearance and add value to the property.

It can also help reduce noise pollution if your hobby involves loud tools or activities. It’s a great solution for people with neighbors who have noise restrictions or those who live in quiet neighborhoods.