When caring for a loved one with dementia, knowing what kinds of help are available can be a lifeline, reduce your stress levels and improve the quality of life for everyone involved. It is essential to understand what skilled nursing is, what memory care facilities are and how they differ from more familiar nursing homes.

What Is Skilled Nursing?

Skilled nursing is the care administered by licensed nurses under the supervision of a doctor. You receive this type of nursing when you stay in the hospital following surgery. When talking about skilled nursing memory care in facilities such as rehabilitation and nursing homes, this term refers to the licensed nurses who work with facility doctors to provide essential care to dementia patients. In nursing homes, this often includes assistance with everyday tasks such as medications, bathing and meals.

What Is Memory Care?

In memory care facilities or hospitals, hospices and nursing homes offering memory care, room and board are provided to patients along with the medical and personal care those with memory problems need for quality of life. This specialization of medical care can make all the difference for someone with dementia who needs help with everyday life. When you or a loved one needs help with memory care, it is critical to research facilities in your area with programs to help those with dementia and work with your medical team to design proper care.

How Do the Facilities Differ?

While nursing homes offer room, board, and medical care for those unable to live at home because of medical conditions, memory care is a specialization not provided by every facility. Some nursing homes will offer less skilled nursing services than memory care facilities typically, and some will not have the proper staff to deal with dementia patients. This does not mean you can only use the biggest and most extensive facilities in your area, as many smaller locations will still offer the specialized care you require.

When looking for skilled nursing, nursing homes and memory care facilities, it is essential to remember that some locations can be classified as all three and be fully equipped to care for your loved ones with dementia who cannot live at home or need assistance with some daily care tasks. Researching these facilities in your area will give you an idea of the resources available to you and your loved ones. You can even take a tour to visit the facilities before signing any contracts.