If you’re thinking of purchasing a Moissanite, you may have questions about the various cuts. This article will discuss each cut, including Radiant, Emerald, Step, and Cushion. Each has its own distinct qualities and characteristics. As you read on, you’ll learn how to choose the best cut for you!

Round Cut

If you’re considering moissanite for your engagement ring, you should know that there are various cuts that you can choose from. The most common is the brilliant round. The most popular cuts are round and square, which are typical shapes. This is because they endure throughout the ages, remain in style, and do not adapt to changing fashions.

This cut has a diamond-like faceting pattern. It’s a great option if you want a diamond-like ring without a hefty price tag. You can find moissanites in other shapes, such as ovals and pear cuts. Moissanite in the shape of an oval would be ideal. They have a long, finger-flattening shape. Oval engagement rings offer all the brilliance of a round brilliant cut diamond in a more cost-effective (about 25% less expensive than a round diamond of equivalent weight) and stylish package. Any engagement ring style would look modern with oval moissanite as the center gemstone. You can shop oval engagement rings in jewelry stores or even online.

Another popular choice for engagement rings is the marquise cut. This shape looks like a heart and has an elegant and unique design. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a more vintage look.

The second most popular moissanite cut is the princess cut. This shape produces a gorgeous shine and dazzling light dispersal in all four corners.

Radiant Cut

Moissanite rings with the Radiant cut are excellent for engagement and wedding rings. They produce outstanding sparkle, and their truncated corners and beveled edges help protect the shape of the stone. This style is also durable.

Henry Grossbard, a renowned diamond cutter, first introduced the Radiant cut in 1977. Since then, it has become a cult favorite. The shape is a hybrid of round and emerald cuts. It is one of the more elegant and stylish square cuts and is a trendy alternative to the traditional round cut.

Aside from being a stylish ring, the radiant cut is also very versatile. It can be set in various settings and look great with other gemstone accents.

Cushion Cut

You might think about a cushion-cut moissanite engagement ring if you’re looking for a lovely and traditional design. This classic cut has been popular for a long time. However, you need to know how to pick the right one.

Cushion-cut moissanite is available in a variety of shapes. This cut has the advantage of retaining its color better than many other types of cut. In addition, it is a more affordable option than round-cut diamonds.

There are two significant variations of this cut. The standard cut and the modified cut. While the standard is still prevalent, the modified version has been around longer.

Both varieties offer a stunning sparkle. However, the modified cut has extra facets on the pavilion, creating the crushed ice effect.

Step Cut

The cut of a moissanite is an integral part of its overall appearance. Consider a few things when deciding on the ideal cut for your gemstone. First, there are several shapes and sizes to choose from. You can also determine which shape will look the best for you by considering your personal preferences.

The round cut is the most popular cut for moissanite. It’s a classic look that elongates the hand and features a shimmering effect.

A step cut is another option. This style of moissanite looks like a stepped facet. However, it is not as luminous. This means it doesn’t have the same sparkle as a diamond. It also doesn’t have the depth that a diamond does.

There are many different types of moissanite cuts. While the square is the most popular, there are others too.

Emerald Cut

Emerald-cut moissanite engagement rings are a popular choice. They give a slender finger a long, elegant look. This type of gemstone is a classic and versatile shape, perfect for a wide range of settings.

The emerald cut has an eye-catching rectangular shape. The longer sides are usually worn parallel to the ring finger. This makes the ring look larger than it really is. It is also less expensive than brilliant round cuts.

An emerald cut has a high level of clarity. This implies that it is more challenging to conceal inclusions. This makes it ideal for showing off the depth of the gemstone. However, it may also mean that it costs more.

The emerald cut is trendy among celebrities. For example, Bethenny Frankel’s engagement ring features an emerald cut trilogy. The stone is set in an East-West setting with champagne accent diamonds. The ring is set in rose gold for a warm effect.