According to a new survey, the number of weddings in the United States is expected to peak in 2022. Many weddings during the last two years have been called off, rescheduled, or held through Zoom, causing this rise.

The big wedding comes back with more extensive guest lists, exotic locations, and significant decor highlights. We’re also seeing couples put more thought into every detail, prioritize their guests’ enjoyment, and increase their financial investment to make them feel essential to the big day.

Modern and upcoming wedding trends center on creative ways to establish a theme through the use of the couple’s favorite foods, drinks, activities, or anything else they wish to share with their guests. Here are some current wedding trends if you’re interested in learning more about modern weddings.

Farewell to Tradition

Traditional, cookie-cutter weddings are becoming less and less common. These days, most couples either choose to have a small, private ceremony or a reception. The key is for them to have more control over their wedding day. A nontraditional wedding takes place in an out-of-the-way location, has uniquely designed wedding invitations, features delectable delicacies, and has breathtaking scenery. And don’t forget to choose the best gifts for the wedding party.

Traveling for the Big Day

Destination weddings will return in full force in 2022. Weddings have become increasingly extravagant, with many couples flying guests from all over the country or worldwide. Guests at a destination wedding are typically invited to stay for a few days after the ceremony to participate in the area’s activities and celebrate the happy couple’s wedding. Adventures at sea and wine-tasting experiences are popular options for this type of celebration.

Let’s Make it Big!

Micro weddings became the norm for a while since couples could not throw big celebrations for a bit, but today, large weddings are making a comeback. According to professionals in the event planning industry, nowadays, couples have more options than ever when planning their weddings. Each celebration is decorated with grand floral arrangements and magnificent decor to make it an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Intimate and Lovely Environments

Smaller weddings may be fun to plan for. Wedding celebrations may be as large or little as the couple wishes; those who want a smaller gathering opt for a more private venue and a warm ambiance. You may create an intimate wedding reception by setting up cozy lounge spaces, preserving smaller centerpieces while serving food family-style, and constructing little partitioned nooks in a large room.

Unique Experiences for Guests

The couple’s desire to give their guests memorable experiences is increasingly vital to today’s modern weddings. They are doing things like having pop-up concerts, giving out gift bags with wedding popcorn, and writing welcome cards to encourage people to be there and talk to one another. They hope guests will depart impressed and be grateful for their time at your wedding.


We anticipate that the current trend toward sustainability will last for quite some time. More and more engaged couples are considering their environmental footprint while making wedding decisions and are taking steps to lessen it. For example, it’s becoming increasingly common for newlyweds to reuse and donate their wedding flowers, so dried flower arrangements may soon become more common at weddings. In addition, they are embracing digital invitations and save-the-dates to reduce waste caused by paper and plastic.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Dining Experience

Couples and their caterers go over and above by incorporating cultural and emotional foods into the menu. For example, today’s weddings often feature unique mocktails for guests who don’t drink alcohol. In addition, modern wedding guests like having a food truck on hand for all three meals (reception, cocktail hour, and late-night treats).

The Come Back of the Black Tie

It seems as though there is a renewed desire to dress up for formal occasions like black-tie weddings. However, black tie events don’t always require the traditional gown and tuxedo. Nowadays, however, a more playful take on the formal dress code is what’s in demand. An exquisite cocktail dress or suit will do for the ladies. Black-tie wedding apparel for guys might be a dinner suit.

Themed Parties

They want the whole concept to be executed freshly and entertainingly for the guests. Fun, entertainment and luxury are the hallmarks of rehearsal dinners and welcome parties. Popular themes include the Golden Age of Hollywood, the circus, the cowboy rodeo, outdoor bonfires in the woods, and a riverboat cruise.

Three Days Wedding Weekends

More and more modern couples are opting for multi-day celebrations, encompassing much more than just the ceremony and reception. Couples often show such generosity toward guests during their three-day wedding trend. The purpose of the long weekend is to enjoy endless fun with you and your guests, from a welcome party and afternoon activities to goodbye brunches. In addition, full wedding weekends give guests additional chances to bond over shared experiences.

Brighter Colors

Guests at weddings in 2022 may see a considerable rise in the use of color while white weddings are still on. Bright hues, especially those used in flower arrangements, are making a comeback, according to several wedding planners. Today’s wedding receptions typically mix and match a color palette of bright pinks, purples, reds, and oranges.


Some modern couples are thinking about eloping, which has become increasingly popular recently. In the past, “eloping” described a couple who ran away together to get married without their family’s permission—today, eloping means having a private wedding with very few guests. 

Eloping has almost become a blanket term, as it can describe a “runaway” case for couples who want to get married. For some, the perfect elopement can be a small destination wedding on a luxurious beach, while others envision their private and modest ceremony at the city hall.