Every home has its own idiosyncrasies, such as quirks in the architectural detailing. Some even have quirks in the paint colors. What’s more, the paint colors can even be quirks.

One thing you need to consider, however, is how to plan for the inevitable necessity of re-roofing. This is just as quirky in home design as in other aspects of home building.

Read below to select either house color schemes or shingle colors you’ll pick for either.

Assessing Your Location

When assessing your location, first consider the architecture of your home. Different areas, neighborhoods, and regions may have different architectural stylings, and the shingle color should coordinate with the overall style of your home.

Colors that may look inoffensive or coordinated standing alone may stand out drastically from their surroundings. Drive through your neighborhood or take a walk and observe the rest of the homes in the area to get ideas for complementary color schemes

Understanding Your Climate

When choosing the perfect shingle color for your roof, it is important to consider the climate of your area. A lighter color shingle, like shades of brown, may absorb less heat during the summer months and help maintain the temperature of your roof shingle colors and home.

Additionally, lighter colors may help reflect light and can even appear brighter in the winter months, allowing more natural light into your home and making it feel sunnier. Darker-colored shingles may absorb more heat, which may increase energy costs during the summer months, so in this case, a lighter color may be more beneficial. 

Matching Your Home’s Exterior Style

When choosing the best shingle color for your new roof to match your home’s exterior style, consider the existing siding, trim, and other existing exterior color elements. First, look for any existing roof shingles, color accents, shutters, or decorative trim that are already present in the existing home.

Examine these items to determine the hues and tones that will be dominant in the final roof color scheme. Next, look at the other colors present on the exterior of the home, whether they belong to the siding, trim, stonework, or garage doors.

Considering Your Neighbors

When choosing the perfect shingle color for a roofing project, it is important to consider your neighbors. You also want to consider the architectural style of your home and its surroundings before selecting a shingle color.

It’s a good idea to ask the opinion of your neighbors to get an understanding of their take on the project. If blending in is your goal, you should select a color that matches or complements the existing shingle colors in the neighborhood. 

Evaluating Shingle Color Options

When evaluating shingle color options, it is important to consider all the factors before making a final selection. Consider how the color compliments the exterior color palette of your home and how the color relates to the environment, the architectural style, and the roof’s pitch.

Because the new roof is such a prominent feature, think about how the shingle color will look over time as the color fade, and if you need to do repairs, make sure the new materials will match.

Once you have evaluated your desired colors, you may then start hiring Rock House Roofing to help you with your needs.

Explore Factors When Choosing Shingle Color

The perfect shingle color improves curb appeal, boosts home value, and increases the longevity of the roof. With the right design considerations, you can confidently select the shingle color that suits your home’s aesthetic best. 

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