You and your soulmate are tying the knot, so this should be a happy time. But instead, your stomach’s in knots, and wedding stress is ruining what should be a positive experience.

It’s essential that you manage your wedding stress, or else you’ll fall apart before the big day. One way to do so is by choosing your bridesmaids well in advance. When you have your bridal party selected, a huge weight will be lifted off, as they’ll help shoulder the burdens.

Read on to see how to choose bridesmaids wisely.

Determine the Number First

There are different types of weddings, and you may have either a small or large friend group. These two things will help you decide how many bridesmaids you want.

For example, if you’re having a park wedding and you’re a social butterfly, then it’s ok to select 10 bridesmaids. However, if you’re having an intimate ceremony in a small Japanese teahouse and you have a tight-knit circle, then two or three is ideal.

Think About Those Closest to You

Has there been someone who’s stuck by you, through thick and thin? Whether that’s your sister, cousin, or your best friend, these should be the women you choose as your bridesmaids.

You’ll be able to count on these people when you’re going out of your mind and freaking out about finding the perfect dusty rose bridesmaid dress. They won’t judge you, and they’ll band together to check the tasks off your wedding planning list so you have fewer things to worry about.

Also, these women won’t be jealous of you. They’ll do everything they can to ensure you look gorgeous on your wedding day and that no one else outshines you.

Consider Your Relationships

While you may be very close to, say, your sister-in-law, consider her current lifestyle and personality. For instance, maybe she’s forgetful and not reliable, or maybe she’s gone through a traumatic event recently. These factors may mean you should choose someone else.

Don’t forget about what their relationships are like with your fiance too. You might be best buddies, but when your cousin’s with your significant other, they fight like dogs and cats. The last thing you want is drama on your special day, so make sure to get your partner’s input and approval on your bridesmaids.

Create Special Roles

Maybe you want everyone to be your bridesmaid, but you know it’s not realistic. To assuage your guilt, you can create special roles for those who weren’t picked.

For example, you can have honorary bridesmaids, readers, or ceremony participants.

Know How to Choose Bridesmaids Smartly

When you know how to choose bridesmaids, your stress will melt away. After all, these will be the ladies that’ll share not only your joy, but also your duties.

Once you’ve selected the best bridesmaids, you’ll wonder why you didn’t tackle it sooner. So start picking!

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