Whether you’re someone looking to buy a luxurious second home or an investor, condos are an attractive choice. Many Wailea condos are enticing because of their urban lifestyle and amenities. Renowned for its luxurious resort community in South Maui, it is an alluring place to live. Although property prices are usually quite high in Wailea, there’s a good reason for it. With world-class beaches, fine dining experiences, spas, and golf courses, Wailea exudes luxury. The island’s temperate climate, beautiful topography, vibrant culture, and plenty of recreational activities make it a beautiful place to own a home. 

So, if you want to own a condo in one of Hawaii’s most luxurious and scenic places, read on to know a few things before making a decision:

What are condos?

Condos, short for condominiums, are single-unit properties in a multi-story apartment complex or townhouse. These units are individually owned, with a few commonly shared areas.

Like buying any real estate property, buying a condo can be tricky. So, there are a few things you should know and consider before purchasing a condo:

1. Research real estate prices and realtors:

Before shopping for a condo, research the local real estate market in Wailea, Hawaii. It would give a rough idea of the properties available, their localities, and price ranges. The area is known for its expensive properties, which often come with high maintenance costs. Hence, make sure you contact a reliable realtor who can provide options that fit your budget. Find an expert real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of the business. An agent with local knowledge would be able to guide you through the entire process of purchasing Luxury condos in Wailea. They would also provide expertise through all the crucial steps or tackle any problems that arise.  

2. Rules:

One thing to keep in mind while buying a condo is that it comes with a set of rules and regulations. In shared communities like these, there is usually an HOA—a homeowners association. 

They are entities that enforce a set of guidelines in residential complexes. These rules range from architectural control to noise regulation policies, pets, parking allotments, trash and recycling, etc. You must abide by these guidelines set by the HOA; otherwise, you can be fined or face penalties.

3. Amenities: 

One of the benefits of living in a condo is the number of amenities available to the resident. These could include swimming pools, fitness centers, common outdoor areas, and security.

Some luxury condos also offer services like valets, concierge services, housekeeping, spas, or recreational sports facilities.

Having a lot of perks under one roof without needing to leave your building could be a big plus for many.

4. Cheaper than Houses: 

In many cases, condos can be a more affordable alternative than free-standing homes. Their price difference from other real estate options is an attractive alternative for prospective homeowners. According to Redfin, as of August 2023, the median sales price of a condo home in Hawaii was $573k, whereas the median cost of a single-family home was about $908k. 

5. Location:

Condos are often located in urban hubs. This is ideal if you value being near grocery stores, parks, malls, schools, restaurants, and transit spots. You will be within walking distance of all these amenities. 

6. Fees:

While they are a hassle-free way to enjoy a well-maintained complex, condos often come with hefty HOA fees. These charges would go towards maintenance, upkeep, repairs, and cleaning charges. These can amount to hundreds of dollars each month. 

7. Close living quarters and privacy:

Since condos are shared community living spaces, be aware of the close quarters. Condos share a wall, ceiling, and floor with neighbors. There could be noise complaints. You would also be sharing common areas like the lobby, lifts, and amenities, so it might not be that private. Plus, people could move in and out, and you might find some less-than-agreeable neighbors living next to you.

8. Small:

When buying a condo, keep your lifestyle and family in mind. These units can come in different sizes, but they can often be a tight squeeze and not as spacious as a free-standing house. So, make sure you consider whether or not your family of four can live comfortably in a condo. 

9. Maintenance: 

When living in condos, you would not be in charge of any upkeep or maintenance like you would if you were a homeowner. These responsibilities fall under the HOA. And you can enjoy a stress-free time. You would not have to worry about tasks like exterior upkeep, cleaning duties, etc. 

10. Community Living:

Living in a condo can be a great way to socialize and build a life in your community. You can become close to people and have social networks. Condos often also have community events, which provide a great way to meet people. 

11. Security: 

Condos have a set of security and safety measures built in to protect the residents. They generally have cameras installed around the perimeter to detect and catch trespassers. They also have round-the-clock security personnel to keep an eye on things.

12. Value:

While purchasing any property, you should also look into its value over time. Will it increase or decrease? Something that you can use to determine this is the location, amenities, number of establishments that exist, and the development going on around the area. 

13. No Outdoor Space:

In a condo, you won’t have a yard or an outdoor green space. This might be an issue if you have kids or pets. They need some outdoor time and want an area to play. Or if you have a green thumb and love to garden, condos might not be the best option for you.

14 Limited Parking:

Since condos are usually located in urban hubs, parking spaces can be an issue. You might be allocated only one spot. This could be a problem if you have a second vehicle. Additionally, any street parking or garage would come with a hefty monthly charge.


So, here’s the bottom line. While condos are a highly recommended option for many, make sure you do your due diligence before buying one. Living in Wailea comes with warm weather and a beautiful coastline, offering its residents an urban-suburban lifestyle.

A condo in this luxurious resort town may be a suitable choice for a certain type of person, such as those who enjoy belonging to a well-knit community. Or those who prefer to share modern amenities rather than stepping outside their building to search for a gym or pool etc. In a nutshell, those who desire luxury and relaxation above all else can comfortably live in condos.