While fresh, green lawns and flower beds all have their part to play in making a garden look its best, landscape rocks offer a unique design opportunity that goes far beyond the basics.

Decorative stones are inexpensive and easy to install, bringing new color, texture, and value to any yard or garden.

Add Colour

Add color to your landscape without the hassle of regular flower maintenance with decorative landscaping stones. They are available in a wide range of hues and work well for both decoration and functionality.

Decorative gravel, rock, and pebbles are great for pathways because they don’t rot or attract insects and provide visual definition to a landscape. Unlike wood chips and other ground cover, they also act as permanent mulch suppressing weed growth.

Make a Focal Point

Adding decorative stones to your landscaping creates an opportunity to create focal points that add drama and flair. Depending on their color, these rocks can highlight or complement the colors of greenery and other hardscape elements in your garden. River rock and pebbles can also edge flower beds, defining their borders and eliminating the need to mow so close to plants.

A blend of different sizes of pebbles offers a natural appearance while providing practical benefits such as regulating soil temperature, thwarting weed growth, and reducing soil erosion. 

Add Greenery

Decorative stones can frame and subtly separate your plantings so that they stand out. They can also help to minimize weed growth and provide protection from hot and cold weather conditions.

Small rocks and pebbles can be used in place of organic mulches around flower beds, in containers, or to fill gaps between patio paving stones. They don’t decompose, requiring little maintenance and adding a decorative touch to the garden.

A rock garden is easy if you’re tight on space but want to add some greenery. Using different colored and sized rocks, you can create imaginative designs that look like works of art. The stones can also be arranged to form sitting areas and water features such as ponds. They’re also ideal for defining garden areas where you want to grow flowers or herbs.

Add Texture

If you want a more natural look in your garden, try using decorative landscape products to frame trees. This will add texture and definition to the space while protecting the bark from damage caused by winds.

Decorative pebbles can be used to create pathways and walkways which are visually appealing and easy to maintain. They also work well around water features, including ponds and streams.

The larger rock, lava rock, and glacier pebbles add dynamic, textured ground cover between different garden areas or around driveways and walkways. They are also a fantastic base for planting and provide added erosion control. Rocks can also be incorporated into walls as a base for fountains and other water features. They are also an excellent choice for lining a fire pit.

Add Value

Decorative stone has a natural aesthetic that can create visual harmony in your landscape. It complements various styles and requires little to no maintenance, making it a versatile option for many homes.

Landscaping stones to create a unique pathway can turn an ordinary yard into a relaxing outdoor retreat. Use round stepping stones to build a calming walkway and line it with wildflowers to add color and contrast.

You can also create a rustic rock garden to transform a sloped area of your yard into a serene sanctuary. The natural appearance of a garden full of rocks and foliage will instantly enhance the value of your property. This is especially true for gardens built from various decorative stones, including pebbles, river rocks, and cobbles.